Telehealth at Complete Balance Solutions

Complete Balance Solutions is committed to Excellence in Healthcare and we would like to provide you with some information prior to your upcoming evaluation. We are happy to continue providing care to our patients and the community through Telehealth visits during this current situation. We are using a HIPAA compliant and secure web-based video conferencing platform for all Tele-Rehabilitation sessions. Please feel free to contact the office at (949) 340-6927 if you have any issues or concerns.

Prior to your scheduled Therapy Evaluation
, please complete the packet of forms attached to the email. Pay special attention to the highlighted areas of the forms and plan to spend approximately 30 minutes filling them out. If you have any questions regarding the information requested in the packet, please contact the office at (949)340-6927. Once you have completed the packet, please send back to the email address provided. We greatly appreciate receiving the information prior the evaluation so we can prepare to serve you the best we can.

You must complete all appropriate areas of the consent and office policy forms in order to start your Therapy Evaluation.

Your Therapy Evaluation will be approximately 1 hour. The evaluation will include a brief history intake of any further information your Therapist may need, as well as various tests and measures for your Therapist to better understand your problem. There may be a second Therapist listening to the evaluation in order to ensure we are providing the best care for you. You will be notified when the second Therapist joins. We look forward to meeting with you and working together to accomplish your Rehab Goals!

Kind Regards,
Complete Balance Solutions Staff

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What will you need?

Please try to gather a few of the following items if you have them. This will help
the session run more smoothly. If needed, these items are general equipment ideas
that may be useful during your telehealth session.

  • A towel
  • A open clutter-free space to do exercises
  • Sturdy Chair
  • Foam pad, Cushion, or Pillow
  • Step Stool or Shoe Box
  • Cane, Broom, Yard Stick
  • Resistance Band
  • Sticky Note with “OK” written on it
  • Plastic Cups
  • Home Made Bean Bag(You can make a bean bag by placing rice, corn kernels, or split peas in a ziploc bag and then place the bag inside a sock and tie the end in a knot)

If you do not have these items, do not worry we can create activities based
on what you do have. If you have any other items in your home that you
feel may be useful during the session, please have them close by. We may
ask for other equipment items during the session, as your therapist
individualizes your session.

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